Creating: the act of causing to come into existence; bringing into being; especially, in making or designing something requiring art or skill; causing to come into being, as in something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.
Capital: wealth available for, or capable of use in, the production of further wealth.

Our Philosophy


In the rapidly changing and unpredictable world of thoroughbred horse racing, individuals need a clear set of fundamental principles to guide their actions. At Creating Capital, we are dedicated to providing a concise, systematic strategy, which will allow any horseplayer, from the novice to the seasoned professional, to approach the sport with enthusiasm and confidence. Briefly stated, we feel that there are three basic aspects of our sport that actually give us, and hopefully you as well, a tremendous advantage.

1. The Pari-mutuel System. Simply stated, we are not playing against the “house.” We are playing against all others that are financially participating in any given race. This includes the informed and the uninformed, the calculators and the guessers. Our job is simply to find a way to make money playing against the collective mass of everyone wagering on our particular race. The most important aspect of the Pari-mutuel system is that odds are only given and displayed to win. The odds are never displayed on whether a horse will perform well, only the odds to win. This is huge!

2. The Morning Line. These are the odds determined before the day of the race to allow time for publication. Long before any bets have been placed, every track has someone designated to estimate how he/she thinks the public will wager on each horse. Their job is not to determine which horse is best, next best, etc. but rather to guess how the public will wager. The general public however, views these odds as a ranking of each horse’s ability, a tremendous mistake. Better yet, (especially for us) this guess is only the odds maker’s prediction of the public’s win betting. Nothing else.

3. The Payout Structure. This is probably the most important but least respected aspect of our sport. Even though the morning line only gives one individual’s prediction on each horse’s chance to win…even though the big tote board at the track only displays the odds to win…and even though all the televisions, both on and off track, only display odds to win…you can get paid on your horse to finish second or even third. Better yet, because of the strong influential power of the published and broadcasted odds to win, often times the public will dismiss a horses chances to run well (2nd or 3rd) altogether.

At Creating Capital, we utilize these three basic aspects of racing in conjunction with a constantly evolving array of handicapping techniques to provide you with what we feel are both more satisfying and ultimately more profitable ways to enjoy this most majestic of sports. Again, thank you for spending time with us. More information is provided in our FAQ’s. Now, let’s start….